Despair Takes Many Forms

Yesterday’s rain revealed small patches of our lawn… the first time we’ve seen green here in over two months. But today despair returns. This is the BC south coast, for pete’s sake!

imgp7766  imgp77601


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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

5 thoughts on “Despair Takes Many Forms

  1. Shari, I’m sorry you’re getting it, too, but I gather most of southern BC is.

    We’ve had about 8″ more snow since this morning’s photo. Let’s hope it’s truly the last blast of winter. It may look pretty but I’ve had enough of it.

    Joylene, I think if it were -24 here I’d be more inclined to accept that it’s still winter, but it’s ridiculously mild here… it was 6 above earlier today and at 10 p.m. is barely zero so the snow is wet and heavy.

  2. You’re right. When it warmed up to 0 C, I felt guilty for not being outside gardening. This morning it was -33 C. I’m frozen. It’s near to impossible to keep the house warm. It’s currently 14 C in here. And my husband thinks that’s great. Brrr.

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