Books, Books… I Need More Books (like a hole in the head)

After yesterday’s post you’d think I would be embarrassed to admit this. I really should have known better than to stop at the library today but I couldn’t help myself. I borrowed eight books!!! Now you have to remember that I have a TBR pile on my office bookshelf that is already at a precarious height. One carelessly placed volume and I’m in danger of being buried in an avalanche of verbiage.


But the library is an addictive environment. All those orphaned books dangle provocatively in front me, just begging to be taken home even if only for a few weeks of my attention and TLC.


My tantalizing new pile includes “Turtle Valley” (Gail Anderson-Dargatz, 2007), “Moral Disorder” (Barbara Atwood, 2006), “Evan Blessed” (Rhys Bowen, 2005). “Nails” (Peter Bowen, 2006), “Ireland” (Frank Delaney, 2005), two of Barbara Delinsky’s older stories, “Heart of the Night” (1989) and “More Than Friends” (1993), and one of C.J. Box that I’ve read before but want to read again, “Free Fire” (2007). My excuse for this fiction indulgence is an upcoming trip… there is no better way than reading to banish the boredom of travel time, especially on the BC ferries.


Now, which one shall I read first? Oh, I know I’m a week away from the trip but no sense leaving these poor titles to fend for themselves against the jealousy of the nearby TBR pile! You never know what animosity might develop between them in a week. How would I ever explain tattered covers and ripped pages to the librarian? No, better to keep them all off balance, returning at unexpected moments to wag a warning finger at them as I withdraw another new title.


Like dust bunnies under beds, I’m convinced that books live a life of their own whenever the office door closes . You know, like the toys in “Toy Story”? You have to keep an eye on them, and the best way is to unexpectedly pop in at random times to  check out a blurb or exchange titles. It keeps them wondering who’s next.


I do plan to do a little writing on the side, of course! That’s what all this reading is about — priming my creativity, right?


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