Cancelled Opportunities

Word has come down the pipe that this year’s BookExpo Canada and the Toronto Book Fair have both been cancelled. “Our focus on the publishing industry now centres on our event in New York, and we look forward to serving the needs of our customers in North America most effectively with a singular event,” says Reed Exhibitions. Apparently three of Canada’s four major publishers had declined to participate this year.


I wonder what trickle-down impact this will have on Canadian authors in this already difficult economy for booksellers.

4 thoughts on “Cancelled Opportunities

  1. joylene says:

    I’m angry, because I know that these invites are aimed at authors in Toronto. What’s the big deal for someone in Toronto to travel to NYC? Not much. Anyone living in Vancouver with money won’t mind going. The rest of us are out of luck. It’s that rather limited attitude that infuriates me. I’m having enough trouble attending Surrey’s conference. Which I haven’t yet because it falls on the week hunting opens. My husband and I can’t be away the same week at that time of year.

    They’ll cancel the expos no matter what I think. It’s the same thing on voting day when the Federal election results are in long before I even get to the polls.

  2. Careann says:

    It was interesting to note one suggestion that Canada should consider replacing them with something along the line of the recent American Booksellers Association’s “Winter Institute” in Salt Lake City, perhaps a “Summer Institute”. Don’t know if it’ll happen, but without something similar our smaller independent publishers and booksellers will certainly be finding it more difficult to promote their new titles. We need to find ways to continue supporting them if we value our Canadian literature.

  3. joylene says:

    They used to do something in Wells next to Barkerville. My dear friend Bridget Moran used to teach a summer literary class every few years. Never got to those either.

  4. Careann says:

    Last week the Federation of BC Writers issued a news release about their new Executive Director, Carla Reimer, who is quoted as saying, “I’m very excited about finding new ways to promote writing in our diverse communities.” Maybe BC writers need to encourage the Fed to get more involved, beyond providing their posted list of publishers. There’s the ‘Word on the Street’ event, but I would think Vancouver is big enough to host a full-fledged book expo.

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