A pen would be so much easier!

Now that most of our defunct electronics have been replaced I am struggling to get used to the new hardware and software. Oh, how I miss my old familiar tools. Instead of focusing on the writing I find I am muttering about the mechanics.


The new mouse has a button on the top just where I used to rest my hand and now all too often, while I’m planning or plotting, an errant finger suddenly conjures up an unexpected view of my desktop “widgets”.


MS Word in “Office 2008” isn’t configured for my personal use yet and is constantly second-guessing my intentions. I really hate a word processor that thinks it’s smarter than I am! There’s something to be said for the good old yellow legal pad and a lead pencil. At least I was in control of them. (Well… I was until the pencil broke.)


I suppose I’ll eventually get used to the newcomers in my office as I once did their predecessors but it’s going to take more than a modicum of patience and perseverence. In the meantime my new work-in-progress isn’t. It’s a work-in-waiting.

3 thoughts on “A pen would be so much easier!

  1. joylene says:

    My Imac mouse has these a button on each side where I grip the mouse. Can’t tell you how many times my pages have completely disappeared. Took a while to realize it was me touching those side buttons.

    And my Word for Imac no longer has the insert button. I miss it badly. And I’d use a pen if my writing was legible.

  2. Careann says:

    Thanks, Randy.

    And Joylene, I sympathize totally. Aren’t computers supposed to make our writing easier? lol

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