Resident Bears

A bear resides on my desk. He is a gift from a friend and writing buddy and he is supposed to prod me when I’m procrastinating. I’m to imagine he’s saying, “… and you’re not writing because–?” I like him, even if his nagging occasionally gets on my nerves.


The bear I don’t like is the one who resides somewhere out of sight in our woods and periodically comes to visit.


A summer or so ago I captured this picture of him helping himself to what he obviously thought was gourmet granola in the birdfeeder. Immediately after he left we removed the birdfeeder to eliminate the source of attraction. But persistent fellow that he is, he comes back anyway. Occasionally he wanders onto our back deck and has a drink from the bubbling water garden in the corner by my office window, and on his most recent visit he decided to turn a potted sedum into his own personal serving of salad. Cheeky bruin!

We live rurally so wildlife is a given — bears, deer, raccoons and coyotes come and go without incident. It’s a bit unnerving, however, to realize that Blackie might possibly decide he wants a drink while I’m sitting in my lounge chair and quietly writing, right next to that water garden. I have a ‘Bear Bell’ for when I’m weeding in the garden so he will know I’m there. I wonder if there’s a way to affix it to my computer. While the jingle would be distracting, it would be much less so than the appearance of a bear by my elbow!


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