There’s just no pleasing everyone…

It’s raining. You wouldn’t think there’s anything too significant in that fact. This is coastal British Columbia after all. But this is the first drop of moisture we’ve had in more than three weeks. In fact, weather records show there’s been only .6 mm of precipitation here in the last seven weeks. And that is significant.


Last year we had 80 mm of rain in June and 53 mm in July. Go back another year to 2006 and there were 54 mm in June and 25 mm in July. So a mere half millimetre is just a drop in the bucket, figuratively speaking. Thirsty gardens are loving today’s drink. Cranky people are not.

“All the sunshine we’ve had, and the one day I decide to invite friends over for a barbeque, it rains. Stupid weather!”


There’s just no pleasing everyone.




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