Morning Madness

I don’t know how typical I am of most writers, but mornings just aren’t my time to function. I recently read an interview* that Jessica Morrell did with author Diana Gabaldon, and Diana said, “I get up around 9 and get a Diet coke and stagger around bumping into things and send e-mails to get my synapses reconnected. And somewhere around 10:30 or 11, I will actually be compos mentis enough to write.”


That describes me perfectly! The only difference is Diana Gabaldon writes at night while I’m usually sleeping. She has an excuse; I don’t. My problem is that I’m just not a morning person.


The world isn’t designed for people like me. Contractors are on their jobs walking beams and operating dangerous machinery before my eyes have opened. Supermarket clerks are checking out grocery orders before my feet have found my slippers. In my previous life I was a teacher and I’m pretty sure anything I taught before the recess bell was done on auto-pilot.


But I love being a writer! What other job allows such freedom and flexibility? As long as I meet submission deadlines it doesn’t matter if I sleep late, work in my nightgown or take off for parts unknown on a whim. I could be in trouble, however, if someone phones too early and expects me to carry on a coherent conversation!


I have a fridge magnet that says, “I would like mornings better if they started at some other time.” The world’s obsession with performing productively by 9 a.m. just isn’t for me!


* “The Writer”, July 2008, p. 21

3 thoughts on “Morning Madness

  1. Meander says:

    I am not a morning person either. Night time is a wonderful time to write.

  2. Shari says:

    Oh, me too. I’d much rather stay up late to write than get up early.

  3. ksyu says:

    Totally different for me. My best times for writing are usually in the mornings because I can barely keep my eyes on the paper at night. Ah well, to each his own. 😉

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