He has risen!


Christ has risen! 

Joy to you this Easter morning.


Photo credit:  prozac1
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9 thoughts on “He has risen!

  1. Katt says:


  2. Happy Resurrection Day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It’s always nice making new friends. :)


  3. Hallelujah!!! Thanks for the reminder.


  4. Carla Altland says:

    Yes , He Arose!!! thank you for the BEAUTIFUL photo!!! amen and amen!!! love, carla

  5. The Writer says:

    Happy Easter to you and yours! I just got back from “brunch” myself. Love any holiday that brings together family and friends.

  6. christicorbett says:

    Perfectly lovely!

    Christi Corbett


  7. Thank you for a beautiful post and photo! He is risen! The best words we could ever hear. Blessings to you, Carol…

  8. Thanks for your many good wishes, and I hope you’ve all shared happy Easter events with friends and family this weekend, too.

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